28 August 2014

Photos: Meet the Chinese teenager with the longest neck in the world

Doctors say most necks have 7 vertebrae but 15 year old Chinese boy Fu Wengui (pictured above) has 10. As a young boy he was diagnosed with Congenital Scoliosis and an abnormal chest frame which made his neck grow extra three inches. This causes him a lot of pain and makes it hard for Fu to walk. Congenital scoliosis is caused by the bones in the spine developing abnormally in the womb.
"He always causes a stir when he's out. The vertebrae press on the nerves in his neck and make it difficult for him to walk." his dad, Genyou said
Fortunately for Fu, after his situation was made public, a Beijing-based charity agreed to finance a procedure and treatment. He will have corrective surgery that will hopefully reduce the length of his neck and ease the discomfort.

15 August 2014

Photo: Meet The 7-Year Old Sierra Leonean Boy Who Conquered Ebola Virus

In the midst of the grappling fear which has seized West Africa and the rest of the world over the dreaded Ebola virus, a 7-year old Sierra Leonean boy has proven to be a glimmer of hope after full recovering from a bout of the deadly virus.
According to the UNICEF blog, 7-year old Vandy Jawad was a patient at the Ebola ward of Kenema Hospital in Sierra Leone for over a month; having contracted the virus in Daru village, 40 kilometres from Kenema town. Nurses at the ward report that he was very sick and they even feared that he wouldn't make it as many others had died.
However, a few weeks later he started to show signs of recovery, regaining his strength till he finally tested negative to the virus.
Little Vandy who nurses revealed provided laughter and cheer in the Ebola ward at the most unlikely times was presented with a plastic toy truck on the day of his release from the hospital which he happily showed off to the nurses on his way out.

The UNICEF blog reports that Sierra Leone is now recording the highest number of new cases each week of all the West African countries affected. Interestingly however, there is also an increasing number of survivors - a total of 143 people out of the 500 who contracted it have recovered so far.

Meanwhile in Nigeria, 4 people have so far died from the Ebola virus while there are 10 confirmed cases with 198 people under watch - 177 in Lagos and 21 in Enugu.

14 August 2014

Another Lagos Doctor Tests Positive + One More Nurse Dies

Another nurse, 35year old Justina Obi Ejelonu, (pictured above) who attended to late Liberian Patrick Sawyer while he was ill at the First Consultant hospital in Lagos, has died.

According to Sahara reporters, her relatives called to inform them of her demise in the early hours of today. Ms. Ejelonu had been kept in a quarantine facility in Lagos and was very vocal in the campaign for the release of the ZMapp experimental drug to Nigerian Ebola disease patients. 

Justina was quarantined at the B Ward, a male ward which is now referred to as the Ebola Ward of the Yaba Mainland General Hospital. May her soul rest in peace.

Also The Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, today in Abuja said another Nigerian doctor has tested positive to the deadly Ebola disease. The said doctor was one of those who treated Sawyer.

Awilo calls Chidinma the next Beyonce.

Awilo Logomba seems to have fallen for Chidinma's charm too(Everyone seems to have a crush on her).
When asked about her, he said;-

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Ebola: The reason behind my husband’s travel to Nigeria-Patrick Sawyer's Wife

Patrick Sawyer's widow,Decontee Sawyer,a radio host in Newyork,has reacted to reports by Liberian and Nigerians that he intentionally travelled knowing he was infected with Ebola .The Liberian president called his act reckless. However,she says he must have travelled because he wanted to get medical help here in Nigeria...According to TMZ Liberia, She wrote this on her Facebook wall

Good day my Facebook friends and FAM. I hope all is well with you. Thank you for all of your kind words and support for me and my family. You strengthen me more than you realize.According to an article written on Ava's birthday (August 10) by Sabrina Tavernise of the New York Times, "...in another Liberian newspaper, The New Dawn, which cited footage from a security camera in the airport in Monrovia, Mr. Sawyer behaved strangely as he waited for his flight out of Liberia. He sat alone, avoiding physical contact with people, including an immigration agent who tried to shake his hand, and even lay flat on his stomach on the floor of a corridor of the airport, the paper reported."

“I’ve read other reports in other papers (not the New York Times) about Patrick’s “recklessness.” I get where they’re coming from, and they certainly have the right to feel the way they do. However, as Patrick’s widow, I would like to shed some light on this from another perspective. One that only I, his wife, would know,”“I knew Patrick better than anybody else (including himself). He had told me many times in the past how much he didn’t trust the Liberian healthcare system. He would tellme about how a person would get checked in for one thing, and get misdiagnosed and get the wrong treatment as a result. On top of that, Patrick was a clean freak, and told me how filthy a lot of the hospitals were.
“He didn’t tell me this, but I know in my heart of hearts that Patrick was determined to get to Nigeria by all means because he felt that Nigeria would be a place of refuge. He has expressed to me many times in the past that he felt passionately about helping to be a part of strengthening Liberia’shealthcare system, but he knew it wasn’t there yet, and he wouldn’t want to take a chance with his life because a lot of people depended on him… Patrick had a passion for life, and he wouldn’t have wanted his to end. So, I bet anything that he was thinking, if I could only get to Nigeria, a way more developed country than Liberia, I would be able to get some help. How ironic.”
“It has been reported that Patrick avoided physical contact with everyone he came across during his trip from Liberia to Nigeria. When he got to Nigeria, he turned himself in letting them know that he had just flown in from Liberia.
“Patrick went to Nigeria for help so that he can get properly diagnosed, and not misdiagnosed in Liberia. And if it came back that he did have Ebola, he trusted the Nigerian healthcare system a lotmore than he trusted the Liberian’s. His action, as off as it was, was a desperate plea for help. Patrick didn’t want to die, and he thought his life would be saved in Nigeria.”
She also slammed the Liberian President who declared Patrick's act as a reckless one 

“I write today, not simply because of Patrick, but because of the broken healthcare system in the Liberia, and the government’s inability under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (and other past Presidents) to fix it. Good doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers aren’t given the support they need to save lives.
“President Sirleaf went on CNN News throwing stones at Patrick, a man who can no longer defend himself, a man who worked tirelessly for Liberia. She should be ashamed of herself. I use to admire this woman, and was excited and proud of her accomplishment as the first woman President in the entire continent of Africa. She will always own that. We will always own that. It can’t be taken away from her. It’s something to be proud of. But this woman has failed her country,”

13 August 2014

Watch actress Jennifer Eliogu in her new Fantasy music video

This is yet the BEST nollywood actress to musician transformation I have seen.
Tasteful video!!

As Nurses, Doctors Flee Patient With Ebola Symptom At Orile -Agege General Hospital

Oh my God this is becoming alarming. If you try to save a patient and in the process you contact the virus and you later die, who have you saved? These were the words of most nurses yesterday at Orile-Agege General hospital when a man with symptoms of Ebola was rushed to the hospital.

It was gathered that, Nurses on duty fled immediately the man was brought in, while doctors also refused to attend to him because they were not well equipped. The hospital management later called on their colleagues at Ifako-Ijaiye General Hospital who also said they lacked the facilities to treat him. The state ministry of health officials were later contacted and they asked that, no one should touch him till they arrived. The officials later took away the man and the man that brought him in. Below his how PM News reports it;

Ebola: Nigeria approves use of Experimental Drugs, Zmapp

The National Health Research Ethics Committee, Nigeria, has approved the use of an experimental Ebola drug, Zmapp, for treatment of patients infected with the virus. The committee, which composed research scientists, is a national body under the Federal Ministry of Health.

The endorsement is contained in a statement issued to newsmen by Prof. Clement Adebamowo,Chairman of the committee on Wednesday in Abuja. 

The decision by the committee is coming on the heels of Tuesday’s approval by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the use of Zmapp for treatment of Ebola patients.

Photos: Stella Damasus rocking mega afro hairdo

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12 August 2014

How Lagos nursing mother got infected with Ebola virus - doctor

A medical doctor has described how a nursing mother who is one of the confirmed cases of the Ebola virus in Lagos contracted the disease while attending her antenatal care at First Consultant Hospital in Obalende, Lagos where the first victim of Ebola virus in Nigeria, Patrick Sawyerr, died. The lady was confirmed to have the deadly disease after testing positive at the NNPC staff clinic on Muri Okunola street in the Victoria Island area of Lagos.

Speaking anonymously with Punch, the doctor said;
‘The lady attended ante-natal at First Consultant prior to the arrival of the Liberian, Mr. Patrick Sawyer. She was delivered of her baby at the hospital after which she was discharged. A few weeks later, Mr. Sawyer came around and was attended to by health workers. He was first treated for malaria, then typhoid, before there was high index of suspicion. He tested positive for Ebola and died. Then the woman, who gave birth at the hospital came back to the hospital for her baby’s immunization. The nurses who attended to Sawyer also attended to her. When she visited the place again last week, she discovered the place had been shut down for proper fumigation as a means of control against Ebola.” he said. Continue…
Seeing that the hospital has been shut down, the lady who had started showing signs of fever proceeded to the NNPC staff clinic which was close by.
‘She was first treated for Malaria. However, after some medical tests, there was a high suspicion of Ebola haemorrhagic fever. On Friday, the Lagos State’s emergency response team on Ebola virus came around and took her to the Infectious Diseases Hospital,” he added.
The management of the hospital after confirming she had the deadly virus immediately shut down the hospital indefinitely. 
Confirming the doctor’s report, the Medical Officer of Health, Iru-Victoria Island Local Council Development Area, Dr. Wale Akeredolu, said the woman’s baby has been quarantined and is under surveillance 

“The baby has also been quarantined to see if after the incubation period of two to 21 days, she would manifest the symptoms of Ebola.” he said