18 December 2014

185 women and children reportedly abducted in Borno state

According to a CNN breaking news, 185 women and children were kidnapped by Boko Haram men during a raid on Gumsuri village 20km from Chibok in Borno state on Sunday December 14th. Men were shot, homes were burnt and women taken away. This is the largest rounding up of women and children since the abduction of Chibok girls in April 2014.

32 people including the Chief Imam of the village were killed. Leaders of the opposition vigilante were also killed. Word of the attack was slow to emerge due to the destruction of telecoms towers in the community. Nigerian military are yet to react to this latest attack. 

2 December 2014

Nanny who battered Ugandan baby asks for forgiveness, explains why she did it

Speaking from Luzira prison, Jolly Tumuhiirwe told Ugandaonline.net

    “My dad in Kabale was very sick and my mom did not have any money. I asked my bosses for some money to send to my dad but they told me that I hadn’t made a month yet and my father was dying, so it kept on haunting me. That is the more reason I referred the anger to the baby but I’m sorry.
   "But that madam (Arnella’s mom) is not easy. She used to say that I steal money from the clothes and Eric’s wallet, I eat the babies food…and yet I can’t eat the food, I’m not a baby, those were all lies, so, I was also not happy from my heart.”


In this hilarious episode of 'Ariyike weekly', Nigerian Media Personality, Ariyike Akinbobola defines the Nigerian 'Aso Ebi' trend and she also goes ahead to talk about how buying every Tom, Dick and Harry's 'Aso Ebi' can run you down.

.When it comes to high class society weddings, some people will go out of their way to beg for 'aso-ebi' just to be in the mix. Are other African countries into this whole 'Aso Ebi' trend? Welcome to the month of December. If you had 4 weddings to attend on the same day and you've been offered all 4 'aso ebis', would you buy the 4 fabrics? How much have you spent on 'Aso Ebi' this year? Do the maths!!!

Watch video here (HERE)

World AIDS Day, Kehinde Bademosi reveals he is HIV positive + shares his inspiring story

Today is world AIDS day  and 40 year old personal branding coach, Omokehinde Badamosi aka Kenny Brandmuse, did the most amazing thing to mark the day.
He took to his Facebook page to reveal how he has been living with HIV since 1999 and along with the revelation, told his wonderful, inspiring story.

It is an inspiring story that chronicles his fears, his acceptance and his decision to not let HIV be the end of him.

Read it below.
Today, Monday December 1st, is World AIDS day, and I’m celebrating my resolve to live with this damn virus all these many years without letting it define who I am. Every journey I take, every picture of me you see, and every new challenge I take on are all huge reminders that I must never stop living my best life. So, I decided to share my journey with you today. Honestly, I don’t know what exactly you are dealing with but I’m writing you this to hold tight to your dream. Here’s a quick sketch of my journey from the first day I tested positive, some 15 years ago. My upcoming book tells the full story.
1999. After three years of different pains and minor illnesses, I was encouraged by my best friend and Professor Soyinka, an HIV specialist, to go get tested so I could face my fear. I had just resumed work as a Copywriter at McCann. I’d rather not know. I was working on Coca Cola, and I would rather live in the joy of that dream. It was that point when you assured yourself this was only a lie from the pit of hell. I had not been a ‘bad boy,’ I would assure myself.
1999. I tested, and it came back positive. I blamed everyone but myself. I wanted to end my life immediately. Trust me, I did try a few things. Then I called on God. I told God to change the status because it didn’t look good on him. I sang. I fasted. I gave offerings. Prophet offerings. I died several times, but I didn’t die. I was always back to myself. I came up with a few pseudo coping skills, but I was always depressed. The picture of HIV back then was very gory, and I was wasting away.

28 November 2014

Late Professor Dora Akunyili’s Daughter Wins International Award

Daughter of Late professor Akunyili, Njideka Akunyili has been announced as the 2014 winner of James Dicke Contemporary Artist Prize by the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

She will be the 11th winner of the $25,000 award, which recognizes an artiste below 50 who has produced a significant body of work and consistently demonstrates exceptional creativity. We say big congrats to her. Congratulations to her!

Photo - Check Out Kate Henshaw’s Outfit To A Reception With President Jonathan At Eko Hotel Now

The president is in Lagos and will be at Eko Hotel any moment from now to attend a reception for the creative industry taking place at the hotel this evening. Here’s our gorgeous actress, Kate Henshaw rocking same outfit like our president to the event. Lovely!

Photo: Boam Explosion rocks Central Mosque in Kano, many feared dead

Many are feared dead in a bomb blast that occured at Kano Central Mosque on Friday during Juma’at prayers.Kano Central Mosque is where the Emir of Kano usually leads prayers on Friday.

Pics: One dead from today's fight between Okada men & Bus drivers in Lekki

A riot broke out this morning in Lekki around 8:00am with eyewitnesses saying it’s actually a fight between Hausa okada riders, and Yoruba Lekki Estate Shuttle drivers. According to the source, the riot which occurred this morning was as a result of an attack carried out by Hausa Okada riders on Yoruba bus drivers who drive some of the estate’s shuttle buses last night.

The eyewitness who spoke to pulse.ng this morning said;

 “It all started yesterday when the Hausa okada riders attacked the bus drivers, they shattered the windows of their buses and injured a few bus drivers. This morning, the drivers with the help of some men caught some of these okada riders and beat them to a pulp”.

The unidentified men (who spoke in Yoruba language) carried cutlasses and blocked cars from driving through Dorusimi Etti road. They burnt several motorbikes and attacked Hausa bike riders.

‘They can’t come here and attack us, we will find you and kill you’, one of the rioters shouted, wielding a cutlass. Gunshots were also fired and are believed not to be from the Nigerian Police Force. 

A young man was struck in the back of the head with a Machette and was taken to the nearest place they could find, a lab, not a hospital. The lab called for an ambulance to take the injured man to a hospital and for 3 hours, no ambulance showed up. The guy eventually died possibly from loss of blood. Above is a pic of his body as it was being transported in a police van via Lekki-Ikoyi bridge.

We Never Arraigned Ogwuche On Terrorism – Police Releases Statement

The Police High Command yesterday in Abuja has said they never arraigned Nyanya suspected bomber, Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche who was recently freed by a court of law, but said the case against him was bungled and regrets that the media misled the public for so long. A press statement released by the command after the cut.

A statement signed by the Force Public Relations Officer, CP Emmanuel Ojukwu read: “The attention of the Nigeria Police High Command has been drawn to a most misleading media report that charges filed by the Nigeria Police at the Federal High Court Abuja, were struck out for lack of diligent prosecution in respect of the suspected terrorist Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche.

“It would be recalled that the Department of State Services (DSS), that had intelligence on the Nyanya Bombing and was investigating it, made a formal request to the Nigeria Police to assist in extraditing one Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche to Nigeria from Sudan, through the Interpol channel of which the Nigeria Police is well versed.

Residents flee their villages after receiving letter from Boko Haram

Thousands of people have fled the ancient towns of Kukawa and Gubio in Borno State for the state capital, Maiduguri, after a letter reportedly written by the Islamist terror group, Boko Haram, threatened an imminent attack.
A resident of the village, Modu Kaka who spoke with Sahara Reporters, said immediately they received the letter, thousands of residents fled.
"They had attacked other local government areas around us. So when we received threat letters from Boko Haram that they would attack us soon, we all had to flee for our lives. We heard what happened to people in Damasak where a similar threat was made and carried by Boko Haram.” he said

A senior Bono state government official who hails from Gubio, one of the villages reportedly written to, confirmed the mass exodus of the villagers from their villages to the state capital, Maiduguri where some of them have either settled in with relatives or moved into the Internally Displaced Peoples camps.