16 April 2015

Meet The Nanny Who Kidnapped The Orekoya Kids (Photo)

Just two days after Mary Akinloye (the maid who was gotten from OLX) resumed work at the Lawanson Street, Surulere of Orekoya, she made-away with her three kids, Aderomola 11-month-old, Adedamola, 4, and Demola, 6, leaving behind Michael, the eldest, a boarder who was on holiday, with information that she was going to get something.
 Operatives from the Special Intelligence Bureau (SIB) of the Lagos State Police Com­mand rescued the three kids on Tuesday, at the Shasha, Egbeda area of Lagos, adding that ‎the kids have since been reunited with their mother.
He said the suspect, was arrested yesterday, Wednesday, by 9.20pm at Shasha, Lagos‎, noting that investigations were still ongoing and the Press would soon be briefed on new developments.

15 April 2015

Great news:Kidnapped Orekoya Kids Have Been Found

That above kids Mother, Mrs Adebisi Busayo Adekunle Orekoya, just confirmed this on her Facebook page posted this message on Facebook "We give God all the Glory. Our Orekoya missing Kids have been found.Thank you so much everyone for ur prayers and moral and Financial support all along. The list is endless, of awesome mothers, sisters, business partners, father's and even kids too. You've been amazing! May God grant all your heart desires too. Much love always." To God be the glory.

No word yet on if ransome was paid but the kids were reunited with their parents yesterday April 14th 2015.

14 April 2015

Video: Kidnapped Boys’ Parents Lament -We Can’t Raise Ransom

Aderomola Orekoya 11months old and his older brothers, Adedamola Orekoya, 4, and Demola Orekoya, 6, were kidnapped by a newly employed nanny from their home. Some days after the kidnapping, the kidnappers contacted the family to ask for a N13million ransom within 2 days or they will loose their kids forever.

The heartbroken and tearful mother says they can not afford that amount in this emotional video that just emerged today. She also mentions that though she has provided account details for a donation drive online, the response has not been encouraging. Watch video and see her call for help 

13 April 2015

Photos from singer Omawumi's baby shower

Yesterday, the singer who is expecting her second child was thrown a surprise baby shower by her friends which includes BFF Waje, Tiwa Savage, Toke Makinwa, Toolz, Muna, Damilola Adegbite, Toju Foyeh, Kunbi Oyelesi and loads more.

Still moved by the kind gesture of her friends and family, she later penned a touching thank you note to them, writing
Lying in bed after my friends threw a surprise Baby Shower for me… Today is the first day that i’ve had a surprise anything cos i always bully my friends that i dont like Surprise parties! Guess what happened? I cried like a baby! I felt(still feel) so loved!!! Thanx to all my friends who made this surprise happen! Thanx so much for the love, i selected my friends well! Different personalities, beautiful inside out, and real lovers of God. Thanx so much to my Lover, my Husband… I dont know where to start singing your praises! I can only Thank God for showing you where to find me, i love you to infinity… Its my Birthday in some minutes, I stand in Awe of The Great and Mighty Creator for making me a testimony. I thank you all in advance for all your prayers… My birthday present from you is a good deed to someone who needs it, prayer and thanksgiving to TheAlmighty God for me and for you. O.B.Y(Omawumi Boma Yussuf)

My Husband is Controlling and scornfully abusive

Dear Jura,

I have been married for about 6yrs. I really did’nt know him very well before we got married. I knew him from church as a good guy. He is a very good christain and prayerful. The problem is he complains about everything I do, I am expecting our 2nd baby even when I was pregnant with our 1st child I told him I don’t want him to be in the hospital with me because he never has anything good to say to me only finding faults.

I never have peace of mind, he tells me everything to do, he doesn’t want dirty dishes in the sink. He is just very controlling, abusive and insensitive with words and I always tell him. I use to think because he was a religious person maybe he is not used to how to treat a woman, and I will get marriage posts and send to him.

Some things he tries to change, but he still treats me badly, talks to me anyhow and I am not used to people disrespecting me, how much more the man I am married to. We quarrel all the time,I cry all the time and really miserable. I can’t communicate with him, he always shut me up, so these days I try to keep to myself even if things are going bad. He talks down at me, supports outsiders over me.

I am a young woman and can’t live like this for the rest of my life, my happiness is very important to me even if it means me leaving the marriage. He is a good person but not a good husband, I really want to leave him so he can find someone that can make him happy since I can’t. I want to leave him early so he can find someone else in order for me to move on with my own life. I don’t have a job , I am just thinking how can I move on and survive on my own with my kids.

 kindly give your advice.

Photos from Sultan of Brunei's son's wedding

The son of billionaire Sultan of Brunei, one of the world's richest men, got married to his beautiful bride in a bedazzled ceremony at the royal family's palace in the Brunei's capital. The Prince is the youngest child of the Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah, and his wife, Queen Saleha, and is second in the line of succession to become the next Sultan of Brunei.

The wedding is taking place over a period of 11 days, and started on Sunday, 5 April, with the royal marriage proposal ceremony. Today, April 11, Prince Abdul Malik, 31, finally appeared with his 22 year old fiancee, Dayangku, and they exchanged vows in front of crowds of friends and family, nobility and foreign dignitaries amid splendour.

According to reports, also in attendance were seven Malaysian state rulers and the governor of Saudi Arabia.

This was the first time that the newlywed couple have appeared together since the festivities started and they made a grand entrance in matching gold outfits. Their traditional attires were both embellished with diamonds, while blushing bride Raabi'atul carried a bouquet made of dazzling gems, rather than flowers.

Prince Abdul Malik and his bride, full names Dayangku Raabi'atul 'Adawiyyah Pengiran Haji Bolkiah, also attended the wedding banquet later in the day wearing different and even more lavish clothes.

The new bride had changed into a beaded purple gown for the wedding banquet. She wore a bedazzled veil, along with a stunning diamond necklace set with tens of rubies, and a matching crown set with a scarlet gem the size of a 20-pence piece

Prince Abdul changed out of his gold wedding suit into ceremonial military dress, embellished with diamond epaulettes and collar. His new wife dazzled in a diamond and ruby crown, a matching necklace, a brooch, which was partly hidden by her diaphanous veil and a huge diamond ring in a platinum setting worn on her right hand. More photos after the cut..

9 April 2015

Man pours acid on his girlfriend following his pastor's revelation that she was behind his constant ill-health

22-year-old Ghanaian lady identified as Anita Otema (pictured above) has lost her left eye and parts of her body badly disfigured after her ex-boyfriend attacked her with acid at her Abeka Lapaz residence in Ghana following his pastor's revelation that she was behind his constant ill-health.

Narrating what happened to Ghana's Joyfm, Anita said her 28 year old ex-boyfriend Kwabena Fosu popularly known as Abodeman attacked her in the night at their home with the corrosive substance after his pastor accused her of being behind his recurring ill-health and told him she (Anita) was making money spiritually through his illnesses.
After her boyfriend was told this by the Pastor, he stormed their house where they both lived as a couple and poured the acid on her. He has been on the run since the incident.

Thugs assault APC Campaign coordinator in Akwa Ibom (Photo)

The APC campaign coordinator in Akwa-Ibom (pictured above) was attacked by members of a rival political party at Etinan Local Govenment in Akwa Ibom state this morning.

US based pastor condemns Korede Bello performing in Church "Godwin"

On Easter Snday, (  April 5) the Mavin start was invited to perform his chart topping hit at Harvester International Christian Certer, Lekki. This has’s gone down well with some Christians, in particular Pastor Olusoala Fabunmi of Redeemed Christian Church of God, City of Faith in Maryland, USA.
 Read Pastor Fabunmi's thoughts and decide if he's right 

Korede Bello is a young man I love personally, and have nothing against him. But it’s written here, that when we chose the way of the world, we have clearly chosen our paths; becoming an enemy of God. Please, there must be a clearly defined boundaries of who sings, and /or ministers in churches. Some of the questions that come to mind are; is he born again? Sanctified with the spirit of God and baptized in the Holy Spirit?
Also, let’s ask ourselves, what’s even the purpose of people singing in churches and Christian concerts? Where purpose is lacking, abuse is inevitable writes Francis Wale Oke in his book; The Power of the Holy Spirit. So I believe very strongly that one major purpose of choristers or Psalmists singing is to prepare the minds and hearts of the people for the word of God that is to come shortly; since we see in parable of the sower that the hearts of men is like a soil, and when the seed (which is the word of God) is sown, one of the factors that will determine the level of harvest yielded is the condition of the soil (hearts).
I wish to submit by saying that the only difference that makes the difference between church gatherings/ programs and others like clubs, parties is the Presence of Almighty God. If he is not there, we might spend hours and do all manners of spiritual gymnastics, it’s sheer of wasting of time, energy and resources.

And the ministers who know their onions do all it takes to secure his presence. But I think today in the word of a very senior man of God, one of the older generation, Dr. Ayodele who said in Houston recently, that churches in this generation has been reduced to ABC… Meaning; Attendance, Building and Cash.

Photos: 4 Nigerian students found dead in an apartment in Georgia

Georgia as in the country in Eurpoe and not the state in the US. Four Nigerian students were found dead in an apartment on Vazha-Pshavela Avenue in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi yesterday night Wednesday April 8th. Three of the boys were students at Tbilisi State Medical University and one at Georgia’s University.

Police are saying the boys died from gas poisoning due to a faulty water heater in their apartment.

Friends of the students were worried when they hadn't heard from the roommates all day, which was unusual. They called police who broke into the students’ apartment and found their bodies. The bodies have been taken to the National Forensic Bureau.

Friends of the victims, who are Nigerians, say they want a proper investigation into what happened. They also wanted the Nigerian public to be aware of this incident so reached out to LIB.  May their souls rest in peace, amen.

Photo: A 31 Foot Crocodile Which Was Caught Yesterday Somewhere In Africa

The picture has got 5110 retweets and over 6000 favorites since it appeared online yesterday.

Movie Title: Sai Baba

Nollwood will never cease to amaze me 

Nanny absconds with three kids a day after employment

Seriously, as parents, aunties, uncles etc, we have to be careful who we let take care of our children. In as much as I feel for the parents of the abducted children and pray that they are found I can’t help but wonder, did the parents exhibit a high level of negligence?

Reading the reports in Punch, its quite disturbing because there were WARNING SIGNS, here are some points reported:

The children’s mother, Adebisi, said the nanny named Akinloye that abducted the kids looked older than the 23 years she claimed to be.

Also the nanny claimed to be an indigene of Oyo State, which was questionable because of her accent.

The mother Adebisi said she recruited the nanny via OLX, and they agreed to pay the nanny N10, 000 to N15,000 even though their former nanny collected N25,000.

She employed the nanny on Tuesday and left the house with her alone with the kids on Wednesday at 7.30am. 
Adebisi and husband Leke verified the nanny’s guarantors via phone when she was employed, they spoke to two people over the phone who claimed they were relatives of the nanny.

If you have seen the children in the photo above or you have any information that can help find them, kindly call these numbers - 08052062117, 09098097935 or 08060184514. 

8 April 2015

Photo of the Day


Photo: Bomb Factory Discovered In Enugu

During a closed-door meeting  in Abuja yesterday with senior police officers to strategize on security for the April 11 elections, the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mr Suleiman Abba, revealed that the police have discovered the factory that manufactured Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) that caused explosion in Enugu State during the March 28 elections.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), IGP Abba said three suspects have been arrested in connection with the incident.

He said, “The investigation into the incident has reached advanced stage; we have identified even the factory where those IEDs were manufactured. I think that alone is a big success.” Bomb explosion had occurred at the WTC School 1 polling unit in Enugu on the Election Day. The blast was said to have caused pandemonium as people, including INEC staff and voters ran for safety. Two other bombs also were said to have been detonated by the anti-bomb squad of the state Police command